UAB PARDAVIMAS offers business development and support services for starting and experienced businessmen. In order to avoid discomfort and time costs related with the establishment of the company, we offer to purchase already set up and ready to work Private Limited Liability Company (UAB) with authorized capital of 2500 Eur within 1 day. We will help you to choose and buy a new company or a company with experience according to your preferences.We also offer quality and low cost accounting services.

The main purpose of UAB PARDAVIMAS is to help you quickly and easily, without the hassle and certain formalities to start your own business. Our activities are the establishment of companies (UAB, MB, public institutions, associations and communities), sale of companies (UAB) , purchase of companies and accounting services.

We are interested in successful start and growth of your business.We seek to attain the most favorable customers’ feedback and recommendations.

Detailed information about companies for sale, trades, prices and conditions is available at: SALE OF COMPANIES.

If you would like to book the company sold by UAB PARDAVIMAS or receive other services, please contact us via e-mail: info@uabpardavimas.lt or by phone: +370 605 54301.