The accounting services offered by UAB PARDAVIMAS will help you not only save time, but also to avoid a variety of concerns. We suggest you compare the advantages and drawbacks of a company and a hired employee:



  • People working in team have more expertise, knowledge and experience than one person.
  • The works are more easily distributed in a team and the quality is not affected.
  • The company carries out what it is committed to, it does not become sick, does not ask for days off.
  • The employees are trained and experienced, they have knowledge and share it among each other.
  • You do not need to motivate company and prove that it must work responsibly.
  • There is no need to pay for employees’ vacations or qualification courses, trainings.
  • The company is objective in respect of the activities carried out by you.
  • The company is seeking for a long-lasting cooperation.
  • There are no taxes for State Social Insurance Fund Board and State Tax Inspectorate.
  • There is no need to buy office equipment and software.


  • The company is not able to perform the assigned tasks within a very short period of time since it is not close.
  • Relations with the company are not very familiar.



  • Under the priorities an employee is able to perform some works more quickly.
  • Usually relations in a business are less official compared to the company.
  • You offer the price for work.


  • A smaller team, a smaller work distribution.
  • Sometimes the results are complicated by employees’ personal life, vacation, illnesses.
  • Additional costs – taxes for State Social Insurance Fund Board and State Tax Inspectorate.
  • Additional costs for office equipment and software.

Accounting service PRICES

The Price per month for minimum accounting services – 125 EUR. This price includes accounting performed by one employee, the introduction of 6 accounts or operations, the introduction of 10 bank transactions into accounting.

For each client, the accounting price is recalculated each month depending on the extent of company’s business in the previous month. The accounting price can be calculated using the table below:

Name of accounting operation

Price in EUR


Initial price


The price includes the introduction of 1 employee, the introduction of 6 accounts or cash book operations, introduction of 10 bank transactions to accounting

Introduction of 1 employee


Excluding 1 employee included in the initial price

Introduction of 1 received and invoiced account



Introduction of 1 bank transaction



Introduction of 1 cash book document



Introduction of 1 advance payment



Accounting of 1 long-term asset



Introduction of 1 copyright agreement



Introduction of 1 vehicle


Excluding the ones already included in the long-term asset

Calculation of 1 mission costs



We will properly take care of your accounting.

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